Sanders Marketing

I will start with introduce myself, I am Sander den Hartog and the owner of Sanders Marketing. I am an all-round internet specialist and therefore I am mainly engaged in generating profitable work for people with and without disabilities. I myself have a disability and I know better than anyone how difficult it is to find suitable work. Because of my illness, I did not have a chance, but I did see opportunities for earning money via the internet, for example. promote / sell articles for other companies.

I built my own website`s and tools and soon I belonged to the top sellers on the internet. I was able to work together with more and more companies, and at a certain point in time they had become so much that I could work for the rest of my life. Now I saw around me that more and more people lost their jobs and I knew for certain that I could help quite a lot of people if I shared my network and opportunities with others.

When I studied this further and looked at the possibilities, I found out that if I were to contain 1% and help 101 people I would earn 1% more than I could earn maximum. It was therefore commercially very attractive to help people in work and that suited me well. I have devised various constructions to attract people and bring them together so that an ever expanding network with ZZpers would arise.

In addition to this work, I have also done many other things such as the 101 stories of anonymous and also the basis for the largest network in the world. Most people think that anonymous mainly consists of hackers, but that is not entirely true. There are more than 2 million groups with their own specialties. One group consists mainly of hackers and others consist mainly of scientists Nerds. This network mainly consists of volunteers who like to help other people and thanks to these people we are often able to generate tailor-made work. For example, we have built a radio station for someone who, due to illness, could no longer get out of bed. We are also able to make 3D models for unique fittings so that people can perform certain tasks.

Nowadays we also have a network of ZZPers that together maintain a large network of website`s. By working together we are now able to offer a lot of services and together we can handle every assignment. Via the above menu you can find information about the services we offer.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.


Sanders Marketing