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Here at Sanders Marketing we are always looking for data importers who want to work on a commission basis and want to fill our website with content.


Data importer

We at Sanders Marketing have several websites and stores that we work on together, but in the meantime we are really working for ourselves. Each website has its own plan and revenue models. We have websites with high quality content and people earn money through advertisements. We also have web shops and lists of articles that can be entered.


We have more than 10,000 lamps in different price ranges that can be imported to sell. The website is linked to an advertising network and we offer a % to promoters for the website. When orders arrive via that network, we earn less and therefore less than with direct orders.

With direct orders you can earn a maximum of 15% of the net order value, but this works in graduates.

1 order 10%

2 orders 11%

3 orders 12%

4 orders 13%

5 orders 14%

6 or more order 15%

You earn half of your order via promotional network.

1210 Euro is net 1000 Euro (without taxes) imagine you have entered a lamp of 1210 Euro and someone buys that lamp and that is the only order that month then you earned 10% of 1000 Euro = 100 Euro.

Items all have a different turnover rate, which means that a cheaper lamp is often sold more than a lamp that costs a lot. The more lamps you enter, the more chance you have that something is sold that you have entered. I always say they are just getting tickets from a lottery with higher win odds and some lower maximum win amounts.

We ensure that the order arrives at the store and send them the items to the customer who has ordered. We also calculate how much everyone gets who helped and above 25 Euro everyone can pay and we do once a month (or different if you want that).

We also keep the website up to date this means that we will remove items that are no longer available. Now it is true that most collections of lamps do not change so quickly some models last 20 years and or longer with others much shorter. Sometimes there are delivery problems and it could only lasts for a year.

With the website's content you can choose timeless content that kind of content last forever. Think of images with coloring pages or tattoos, addresses of drone jobs, competitions, videos. The earnings are fairly low, usually fairly stable. Clicks of few cents can be great if you have a lot of content and lots of clicks and views. We provide professional websites and connect the work so that the page is fuller and more interesting for the visitors. The more visitors the more money comes in and is divided among the people who work.

Normally you do not earn so much in the beginning, but if you did this few years, you could earn more than if you were working for an employer. 5000 - 10.000 Euro per month can be reached full time work it could take a few years. The downside is the beginning everyone starts at 0. You do not have to invest and pay for educational SEO or whatever, but it just takes a while before you can earn a lot of money. The more you work the faster it goes.

We have a lot of profitable work but not the money to hire people and we would like to grow quickly. The only real requirement we have is that the work should be good enough, so clear language. We do not care if you have a disability or have been unemployed for a long time. how many hours you can work all help is welcome. We are experts when it comes to making website`s SEO and marketing. We share part of that knowledge with no one to keep top positions in Google and so that people are better off with us. If you want you can learn everything to become a professional and you also have enough knowledge to get a good job in this sector. There are a lot of vacancies open but the courses are quite expensive 5000 Euro each and usually you need at least 5 + practical experience. People who are not ill have no money to retrain, can come to us in practice and can therefore also go to larger companies where we usually work for.

We all mark what that is why we are too big a risk for companies to accept. We work together on this network and this network is therefore very suitable for people with disabilities. You can just work from home and log in to the website you want to work on, you work completely independently, there is nobody who says anything unless you want to chat with others that is always possible. We chat so that we feel that we are not working alone.

data importer